Welcome to Trinity’s Art

I am Trinity’s mom Char. Trinity loves painting and drawing , oh and pets .

She is an intelligent 13 yr old artist. I suppose she gets her love of drawing and art from
her genetics. I am quite an artist and so was my mother. Trinity is the youngest of 5 most
of whom can draw to some degree.

Trinity aspires to become a veterinarian. I also wanted to give her this site as a starting point for learning and seeing what it is like to
be an entrepreneur and to run a business. It is my hope that helping her sell her paintings here will allow her to make money , which she can then save and maybe as the years go along really become successful and have money saved up
towards her college education.

I hope that you all will love her work as it is added and that she is able to grow
a following over time and that you will make purchases of her work and show
her young budding spirit great support.

Please stay and have a look around…