About  The Artist…. Trinity

Trinity was born in Maryland USA. She was about 8 weeks early but only spent about 2 weeks in the NICU.

She had some unhappy family moments when very young but she and her Mommy powered through those and
life went on and Trinity is now a happy, beautiful , intelligent young lady.

Trinity moved to the South at age 2. So while born in Maryland she is the only one of her 5 siblings who technically
could say she is from Georgia if she wanted to. Trinity has been an honor roll student every year and for the last 4 yrs has made the National President’s yearbook for academic achievement. Her favorite things are watching You Tube videos,learning about makeup, getting her hair done and her pets. She has a dog named Russell who keeps us all quite busy and at times frustrated (lol) and a cat name Sage , who Trinity has created a separate Instagram for.

She also loves music, the color pink and spending time with her siblings and friends.

Trinity is currently in the 7th grade and we cannot wait to see all her future achievements.

By purchasing her art you will be helping her towards her future and for that …Thank you.